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They left Selma heading to Montgomery. The city developed its own police force. But an armed mob abducted him from the jail and killed him. Later Anglo-Americans called it the Moore's Bluff settlement.

This strategic concentration of manufacturing capabilities eventually made Selma a target of Union raids into Alabama late in the Civil War. Long's troops attacked in a single rank in three main lines, dismounted and shooting their Spencer's carbines, supported by their own artillery fire. That day King pulled the marchers back from entering the county and having another confrontation with county and state forces.

But, Long decided to begin his assault against the Selma fortifications to neutralize the enemy attack in his rear. They escaped in the darkness by swimming across the Alabama River near the mouth of Valley Creek where the present day Battle of Selma Reenactment is held. The Selma iron works and foundry was considered the second-most important source of weaponry for the South, after the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, singles münster westfalen Virginia.

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Johnson, who arranged for protection for another march. Forrest had hoped to bring his entire force to bear on Wilson. Earthen forts were built to cover the grounds with artillery fire. King was also in touch with the administration of President Lyndon B.

The Southern artillery had only solid shot on hand, while a short distance away was an arsenal which produced tons of canister, a highly effective anti-personnel ammunition. Thousands of people joined the march along the way.

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There was a downturn after restructuring in industry that had done well into the s. In the darkness, the Federals rounded up hundreds of prisoners, but hundreds more escaped down the Burnsville Road, including generals Forrest, Armstrong, and Roddey. Many soldiers were struck down with clubbed muskets, but they kept pouring into the works with their greater numbers. The Confederates abandoned the depot as well as the inner line of works.

At the war's end, they were en route to Columbus and Macon, Georgia. Anderson of Tabernacle Baptist Church, J. Taylor did so after giving Forrest command of the defense. Once the Union Army reached the works, there was vicious hand-to-hand fighting.

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Finally, a Union cavalry charge broke the Confederate militia, causing Forrest to be flanked on his right. Whites made up one-third of the marchers.

Its members were elected at-large by the entire city, and the white majority had managed to control the elections. The city was planned and named as Selma by William R. This injunction temporarily halted civil rights activity until Dr. This prevented them from serving on juries or serving in local office.

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Marching in the front row with King were Rev. Selma, Dallas County, and other jurisdictions carried out the segregation laws passed by the state. French explorers and colonists were the first Europeans to explore this area.

The North had learned of the importance of Selma to the Confederate military, and Federal military planned to take the city. Also, in Selma, the county registration board opened doors for registration only two days a month, arrived late, and took long lunches. They were anchored on the north and south by the Alabama River. In Joe Spinner Johnson was a leader of the Alabama Sharecroppers Union, which worked from to to get better pay and treatment from white planters.

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This left them without representation in government, as well as depriving them of participation in juries and other forms of citizenship. Wilson sent a brigade to destroy the bridge across the Cahaba River at Centreville, which cut off most of Forrest's reinforcements from reaching the area. Forrest was wounded by a saber-wielding Union captain, whom he shot and killed with his revolver. After the Supreme Court case Smith v.

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